Purpose-driven people live better lives

step up / step forward – join the program


It’s free / no charges / straight up

Continuous training program – we’re always teaching, you’re always learning
The skill up, work to learn program
Earn, Learn, Teach

For the Student

what we offer, get on board

Small groups of 3-5 people attending each class – we k eep it tight and focused

Learn, improve and skill up – switch and swap until you find the right teacher

Have the seniors teach you – switch and swap until you find the right teacher for your needs

Attend 3-4 hr structured sessions per week – hands-on knowledge, people to people – working through your current projects and challenges to find how best to solve specific challenges and manage learning curves

Matched skill levels within your class – pre-agreed topics & challenges to be addressed within each class session – agreed by the class, for class with each of us, and all of you

For the Teacher

what we offer, get on board

A great way to generate reliable, consistent earnings / €1.5/€3k per month

Share in the value created / ImmersiveUnity allocate a 30% earnings budget, teaching 3-5 students per class for 3-4hrs every week in structured sessions

Work through and solve real life project relevant problems / challenges. Pre-agreed by the students in each class, making all the learning relevant, hands-on and specific

Students in each class have similar levels of experience and know how.

Skill Up

Keep learning
Keep growing
Keep evolving
Each of us all of you


Learn more, Earn more.

Carve your own path and decide what’s best. Be a part of ImmersiveUnity and progress from client led projects to venture funded business opportunities; share in the equity. Learn more, Earn more.

Develop your skills, free educational programs – project relevant and structured. When the time is right, move into the Ventures Studio team and own equity in the venture led projects.

Move from student to teacher; earn additional revenue streams.