We develop Virtual Reality (VR) applications for various headsets, thethered or standalone. Whatever you may want to bring to life in VR, we can assist and deliver. Among other things, our expertise includes:

  • VR project managment, analysis, design and concept solutions; software and hardware.
  • Complete 3D VR worldbuilding.
  • Datastreaming between HMD and computer.
  • 180 and 360 VR video production.
  • Mixed media VR solutions: VR videos with graphic overlay and 3D objects integration.
  • Game and educational VR applications.

Together, we have won awards for VR concepts, and we have been selected to be an official HTC VIVE Lab Initiative.



Augmented Reality (AR) is a fascinating technology, with many applications, not the least in real world training scenarios. We have experience with most of the common AR platforms, creating captivating visuals, scenarios, and smooth interactive functionality.

We work with the following, and more:

  • AR project management, analysis, design and concept solutions; software and hardware.
  • Microsoft HoloLens applications, generation 1 and 2.
  • Mobile and iPad (tablet) applications.
  • QR/image linked AR applications.
  • Surface mapping AR solutions..
  • Game, educational and visualisation AR applications.


This services is for anyone who wants to have a VR/AR project explored and created by multiple VR/AR developers, in order to find different creative angles and various solutions.

The international developer challange has five main steps:

  1. ImmersiveUnity assists in formulating a project specification.
  2. ImmersiveUnity starts a developer challange (with a set scope and timeline) financed by the customer.
  3. The challange goes out to matched developers in ImmersiveUnity´s network. The developer proposals are received, and ImmersiveUnity selects the most interesting ones together with the customer.
  4. The selected proposals are further developed to a degree of refinement decided by the customer.
  5. The multiple final solutions are presented to the customer. The customer can then either develop the preffered solution her/himself or continue to work with ImmersiveUnity.

The developer challange is a cost-effective way to ensure that multple ideas, technical solutions, even cultural aspects, such as languages, are explored and incorporated in the development of a VR/AR concept.



When developing a VR/AR application, the testing phase to make sure that the application works flawlessly can be complex and laborious.

ImmersiveUnity offers our global XR test lab as an easy solution to ensure a bug-free and smoothly running application.

ImmersiveUnity has a large international network of VR and AR developers with expertise in all common programming languages and technical platforms.

Utilizing this plethora of expertise, ImmersiveUnity can efficiently and meticulously test VR/AR applications for bugs, errors, defects, and software failures. Furthermore, being a global team, any issues related to various languages can also be covered.

The global XR test lab can either just provide a comprehensive report of problems found or also resolve these by corrective programming.

If wished, creative suggestions and gameplay feedback can also be provided because we are all passionate about VR and AR.




We specialize in complex programming projects but develop any project you wish, big or small. It can be complete new systems or added functionality to an existing application. We master all major programming languages, bringing your vision to life.

Our services include:

  • Advanced application development from scratch and IT project management.
  • Frontend development, e.g. React or Angular.
  • Customization of WordPress or WooCommerce.
  • Backend development, like REST-APIs, e.g. in Java, PHP or NodeJS.
  • Integration of web presence with business systems, like Fortnox.
  • Cost-effective mobile app. development for both iPhone and Android in React Native.
  • Creation of mobile app that provides access to function in a business system.



A ready to go platform licence

A one-time fee and you own a powerful ready to go community and multimedia management platform, free to recode and alter any way you want. No need to develop from scratch.

Included functionality: log-in, profile account creation, categorization, sub-categorization, search functions, on-platform article creation & publishing, video uploading & publishing, account admin., digital currency, virtual wallet… and more.

Custom development services

We have extensive experience in system development, and offer:

  • Customisation of our platform solution to fit any requirements.
  • Platform development from vision to complete finished product.
  • Setting up secure, reliable and scalable hosting solutions in Amazon Web Services.

Need any type of platform? We can provide it for you.