ImmersiveUnity – in short

ImmersiveUnity Ltd is an XR development company situated in Sweden, a country known for its high level of IT maturity and advanced development skills.  Our headquarter is located near the city of Malmö, a hot spot for IT, science, and game development.

We have a global developer-focused strategy and have created an ImmersiveUnity network of over 70,000 VR and AR developers and technical designers worldwide. To harness this immense creative force, ImmersiveUnity continues to develop an online community, which currently has sign-ups from 70 countries.

We are a happy crew of XR enthusiasts that share a passion for turning digital dreams, visions, and solutions into reality.

ImmersiveUnity strives for a perfect unity of immersion and creativity.

About our logo

The stylized “I” and “U” (from the words Immersive and Unity) create a sign in itself. It symbolizes completeness and harmony; goals, which we strive for in all our projects. The color green is important for human sight and wellbeing, and is often used when depicting code.

The blue circle represents:

1. The quest for perfection
2. Our planet  (The Blue Planet)
3. An iris in an eye, created together with the U, representing the visual immersion of VR and AR.