Creativity and digital magic in perfect unity


We develop Virtual Reality applications for any headset. Whatever you want to bring to life in VR, we can assist and deliver. ImmersiveUnity has produced award-winning concepts and been selected as an official HTC Lab initiative.

♦ VR project management, analysis, design and concepts solutions       ♦ Complete 3D worldbuilding & avatars

♦ Custom VR software development      ♦ Game, educational, and industrial VR applications      ♦ Mixed media solutions

♦ VR video production, including graphic overlays and 3D object integration      ♦ Data-streaming between HMD and computer  

♦ Beta testing of VR applications/software, bug analysis and problem solving

♦ And more… 


We have experience with most AR platfroms, creating captivating visuals, scenarios, and smooth interactive functionalities.

 ♦ AR project management, analysis, design and concept solutions      ♦ Mobile and iPad/Tablet applications

♦ AR software and hardware      ♦ QR/image-linked AR applications      ♦ Surface-mapping solutions

♦ Microsioft HoloLens applications, gen. 1 and 2      ♦ Game, educational, and industrial AR applications

Beta testing of AR applications/software, bug analysis and problem solving   

♦ Etcetera… 


We specialize in complex bespoke programming projects, covering all needs from start-ups to large enterprises.
We master all major programming languages, bringing your visions to life.

♦ Advanced application development from scratch and IT project management  

♦ Frontend development, e.g. React or Angular      ♦ Backend development, like REST-APIs, e.g. in Java, PHP or NodeJS

♦ Integration of web prescence with business systems, like Fortnox

♦ And so forth… 


We have aquired the experience to develop complex, robust native iOS and Android mobile architecture that scale seemlessly, from backend to frontend. Our expertise includes:

♦ Swift      ♦ Kotlin     ♦ React Native ♦ React     ♦ Node.js

♦ And other things… 


We have a vast, deeply experienced, pool of VR/AR developers, technical designers and project managers at your disposal, to help you quickly scale the size of your team and secure desired skills.

♦ Pay a fixed all inclusive rate without any additional charges      ♦ Have complete control over your project development

♦ Reduce and control operating costs      ♦ Scale for development peak loads and increase flexibility

♦ Have direct access to all of your team members


On-demand product design and concept development services for mobile and web applications.

♦ UX audit      ♦ UX design      ♦ UI design      ♦ Iconography & Illustration      ♦ Creative UX writing     

♦ UX consultancy (idea, design sprints, and guidance)      ♦ UX flows and scenario detailing      ♦ Product architecture flow   

♦ Website design