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International Developer Challenges

For great companies and internationally recognised brands wanting to explore VR/AR project solutions with multiple VR/AR developers; different alternative angles and creative solutions.

For talented ambitious developers and technical designers wanting to work alongside internationally recognised brand owners and companies.

Strong relationships, project prizes, Awards and some great marketing just go visit the Challenges & Contests website here

The developer challenge is a cost-effective way to ensure that multiple ideas, technical solutions, even cultural aspects, such as language, are explored and incorporated in the development of a VR/AR concept.

Project Owner - what happens next

ImmersiveUnity and the project
owner define a detailed scope,
Project Roadmap and delivery timeline
The Project Owner alongside the
developers and Immersive Unity further
refine the proposals
The challenge, the development lifecycle
and community incentives are quoted,
agreed and financed by the Project Owner
Several final solutions are
presented to the customer
The challenge goes out to matched
developers in ImmersiveUnity´s network
The customer can then either develop
the prefered solution by themselves or
continue to collaborate with ImmersiveUnity
Final proposals are received and
ImmersiveUnity and the Project Owners
select the most interesting submissions

Developer Community - what happens next

Decide if you want to find out more and
just join up here or go to the Challenges
website here- we’ll send you through
some information on current challenges,
prizes and awards.